Mail Forwarding Service For American Expats

Expat Mailbox Service In Boston MA

American Expats are by definition residing abroad for an extended period of time if you are an American Expat with a business address in any state, what happens to your mail when you are no longer at the address?

Our Mailbox Address service is ideal for Expats worldwide! It allows them to maintain a U.S Address to collect their Social Security Letters, Bank Statements, IRS Notices, and Any Mail, and packages without losing a beat! The mail will be rerouted to us via the U.S. Post Office, we will collect it, notify you and you decide if you want the mail forwarded, collected in person, or digitally scanned into your inbox!

What is Expats Mail Forwarding?

Our Mail forwarding service for ex-pats is a service that has been created solely for the purpose of helping expatriates in getting all their important mail from home. As a part of the mail forwarding service for our ex-pats, you will be provided with a mailing address, which is usually street addresses and not P.O. Boxes. This address can be used for receiving mail, sorting, managing, and scanning any and all mail for the ex-pats.

Expat Mailbox Service In Boston MA

Why need Our Expat Mail Forwarding Service?

An expatriate or ex-pat is a person who is residing or is planning to reside in any country other than their own country. There are many entrepreneurs and business owners that have businesses in the U.S. and are either traveling abroad or residing abroad. What happens to their important business or personal mail? This is where mail forwarding service plays a key role.

Our Service Features

  • We provide a local street address to everyone in the U.S. and all mail by default will be delivered to this address and then forwarded as needed.
  • The mail received at our address will be sorted, scanned, and uploaded on a cloud network or emailed to you, we remove and shred all junk mail so you don’t have to!
  • receive your snail mail in digital format through our digital mail scanning service, eliminating paying postage fees.
  • Free Consolidation Service to save on international shipping charges.
  • Access to our Concierge Service to help you make purchases online.


Our Digital mail scanning service is a type of mail forwarding service for U.S ex-pats that offers you access to your mail in PDF format. There are other benefits like a highly secured cloud storage account.

There are several reasons for its popularity among ex-pats and entrepreneurs and they are:

  • Digital mail forwarding for ex-pats is like a virtual mailbox that allows you to access and manage your mail using any device like a Smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You can select the mail you want us to open and scan for you at any time. Then later decide if you want it shredded or forwarded.
  • Eliminate Postage Fees when you scan your mail.
  • Our Digital Mail Scanning service required a Mailbox Subscription plan to be active.
  • The emails can be accessed with ease through a secure and extremely user-friendly interface and your Email Service Provider.
  • Your mail and packages through all couriers are accepted like DHL, USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc.

Client We Service are all over the world, we forward their mail to Africa, Australia, Belgium, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Germany, Jordan, Iraq, France, Sweden, Spain, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, China, India, and many more destinations.

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