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In Massachusetts, a company can appoint a person or company to accept legal paperwork on its behalf. This person or company is known as the registered agent. As part of this, notices, other official government communications, and papers used for service of process (such as summonses and complaints) are also included. A physical Massachusetts address and availability during regular business hours are required of the registered agent in order to receive these documents. Additionally, the business must report the registered agent’s name and address to the Massachusetts Secretary of State.

Virtual Address for your LLC Or Corporation?

Registered Agent In Massachusetts

f you’re running a home-based business, LLC, or corporation in the state of Massachusetts, you’re most likely going to need a registered agent for your filing application. But for businesses in remote areas that don’t easily get postal mail or home-based businesses overseas and that don’t want to post their home address in public records, you’ll need a virtual mailing address.

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