Virtual Address for your LLC Or Corporation?

Registered Agent In Massachusetts

f you’re running a home-based business, LLC, or corporation in the state of Massachusetts, you’re most likely going to need a registered agent for your filing application. But for businesses in remote areas that don’t easily get postal mail or home-based businesses overseas and that don’t want to post their home address in public records, you’ll need a virtual mailing address.

What is a registered agent?

A registered agent is a designated individual or business appointed to represent an LLC or corporation in the same state the company is registered in. The registered agent needs to be a physical street address and cannot be a PO Box address. The registered agent is filed in official documents with the state, often called articles of organization.

The address you select will receive U.S government documents, tax files, service of process (SOP like lawsuits, summons, or subpoenas), and any type of legal actions, on behalf of the business. The registered agent address is available in public records; it can be found by marketers, customers, or other companies.

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Addresses can be a registered agent

  1. Your Home address: You can use your home address as a registered agent but since it will be public information, it’ll be inconvenient and would breach your home’s privacy.
  2. Virtual Mailing address: A virtual mailing address is an approved real street address you can rent from a CMRA (commercial mail receiving agent) which is an authorized company from USPS to receive mail on your behalf.
  1. Private Mailbox address: You can rent a private mailbox here. However, you need to be within our area so you can easily drive there and pick up your mail. Some of the services we also offer are forwarding, shredding or scanning services.

Real street address as your registered agent?

Neighborhood Parcel through can be your Massachusetts registered agent, we can be the physical address of any individual living in the same state as your company; our job is to accept important mail during working hours, notify you and send it to you as needed. You can sign up for a virtual mailing address for a commercial street address that you can use as your registered agent AND business address.

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