Reasons for Getting a PO Box

Rent Post Office Box

You have more than one reason to apply for your own Private Mailbox. It is the best choice to protect your privacy or for keeping an address that you will use for mailing address purposes.

A private Mailbox is a Post Office Mailbox but without the PO Box Address, it comes with a genuine U.S Mailing Address and PMB (Private Mailbox Number) number assignment. It has a far superior service level than the U.S Post Office.

Rent Post Office Box In Boston MA

The Advantages of a Private Mailbox

Private Mailboxes offer a long list of benefits that will appeal to American Expats, International Consumers, and Small Businesses. Here are just a few to consider:

  • Not A PO Box Address.
  • Privacy of your home and personal address.
  • Mail security and privacy. It is also locked and accessible only with a key or lock combination.
  • Accepts UPS, FedEx, and DHL shipments. The business will also sign for certified mail and delivery receipts. So, you will receive your packages faster and without chasing delivery trucks!
  • Consolidation service that allows you to combine multiple shipments in one resulting in shipping cost reduction of up to 60%.
  • Business center that handles more than mail forwarding: Mobile Notary, Apostille Service and much more

Reasons To Apply For Private Mailbox

Now that you know what a PO Box cannot do and its limitations. Let us help you highlight some of the advantages you should get a Private Mailbox Address for yourself or your business. On the top of the list is the privacy reason in which your real address is masked and nobody else can access your mail, apartment buildings, and dorm mail can be lost and often leads to compromised identity information. A PMB has secure storage of your mail with limited access to it.

Mail Forwarding Overseas

The private mailbox address is accepted at over 4 Million U.S Retailers, Banks, and Government Offices. It is located in the business district and will help you get secure deliveries of hard to get and valuable merchandise such as iPhones, iWatch, Laptops, and electronics. Once these shipments are received you will get an email notification and then you can decide to either stop by to pick them up in person or have them forwarded to wherever you may be. The forwarding service is ideal for American Expats, it allows them to keep one secure location to manage all their USPS mail, get their monthly medications, bank statements, and IRS Letters for their annual filings.

Mail Privacy

Another primary reason why people rent a virtual mailbox is to protect their privacy. They allow for the masking of home addresses. By getting a postal box, you get another mailing address that you can use for selected contacts and transactions. The mail that arrives in your name is often secured and you have exclusive access to it. This is often a good service for domestic violence victims, students, international shippers, and American Expats. We also offer Notary Public and Apostille Services in Massachusetts.

Consolidation Service

The consolidation service allows your multiple packages to be combined into one to maximize your savings. A Mail forwarder has access to DHL, FedEx and UPS Discounted rates that will often lead to additional savings you could not get on your own. International shoppers love to buy the latest electronics like iPhone, iWatches, Apple Macbooks, and the latest technology and fashion that they cannot get overseas. They can use their Private U.S mailbox address to complete these purchases just like if they were in America!

Mail Forwarding Destinations

Clients worldwide are using virtual addresses to forward mail and packages from eBay, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Walmart, Sephora, Macy’s, LLbean, and more. forwards these shipments using a wide network of carriers like FedEx, DHL, UPS, and The Post Office. Our Expats are often based in Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Iraq, Japan, Germany, France, Spain, Taiwan, Korea, China, Jordan, Qatar, Russia, UK, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, and Canada.

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