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Concierge Service

U.S. Concierge service Company
Keeping up with your mail can be a pain in today’s fast-paced world, especially if you run a business or do remote work. is here to help, as it provides a concierge service that streamlines the handling of your mail. Whether for professional or private usage, your mail can be forwarded to a virtual address provided by When using their service, you can feel assured that your mail and parcels are being handled safely and reliably.







Gold Plan

Rent Post Office Box

Are you a small business owner or a remote worker looking for a professional mailing address? Renting a business mailbox can be the perfect solution for you. Having a physical address for your business can be crucial for establishing credibility and gaining trust from potential customers. A business mailbox not only provides a professional mailing address but also offers a large storage capacity of up to 3 cubic squares for your mail and packages. This is especially useful for businesses that receive a high volume of mail or need to store important documents and packages securely.





Starter Plan

virtual mailbox

As an expert in the field of mail forwarding, I can tell you that having a reliable mailbox rental service is crucial for American expats living overseas. It allows you to maintain a permanent address in the US, which is essential for receiving mail from various sources such as government agencies, banks, and other businesses.





Virtual Address for your LLC Or Corporation?

Registered Agent In Massachusetts

f you’re running a home-based business, LLC, or corporation in the state of Massachusetts, you’re most likely going to need a registered agent for your filing application. But for businesses in remote areas that don’t easily get postal mail or home-based businesses overseas and that don’t want to post their home address in public records, you’ll need a virtual mailing address.

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