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Post Redirect Service

Rent Private Mailbox

The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers a service whereby customers can temporarily change where their mail is delivered. The monthly fee for US Post Redirecting is $29.95. The mail forwarding or redirecting service is helpful for people and businesses who want to make sure they keep getting their mail while they are moving or away. It can also help keep sensitive or private mail from being sent to an address where no one lives.

Silver Plan

Rent Business Mailbox Address

Do you have a business that operates outside of the United States but needs a U.S. mailing address? What if you need a permanent address to receive mail yet are a digital nomad who is constantly on the move? Whatever the reason, setting up a business mailbox for mail and package forwarding is a fantastic answer.




Starter Plan

virtual mailbox

As an expert in the field of mail forwarding, I can tell you that having a reliable mailbox rental service is crucial for American expats living overseas. It allows you to maintain a permanent address in the US, which is essential for receiving mail from various sources such as government agencies, banks, and other businesses.





Reasons for Getting a PO Box

Rent Post Office Box

A private Mailbox is a Post Office Mailbox but without the PO Box Address, it comes with a genuine U.S Mailing Address and PMB (Private Mailbox Number) number assignment. It a far superior service level than the U.S Post Office.

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