How To Select Best Mail Forwarder

Not all Mail Forwarders are the same. When shopping online or sending packages overseas, one concern we always have is affordability. With international shipping rates skyrocketing more than ever before, we often find ourselves discouraged by shipping costs, insurance, duties, and customs fees. A mail forwarding service like ours is an excellent way to ensure that your shipments get consolidated and delivered within your budget!

Package Forwarding Solution

  • When you are an American ex-pat or a consumer who lives overseas and you’re shopping from online retailers like,, etc.. that don’t have international shipping, or when they ship, the cost is too expensive!  
  • A business owner that regularly receives packages from multiple addresses and wants your packages consolidated and shipped to a single address to maximize savings. 
  • Virtual business owners need secure storage space for their packages and don’t want to use your home address or Amazon Fulfillment. 
  • RV’ers and American Expats traveling abroad don’t want to lose their mail or inconvenience a family member.

Best Package Forwarding Services

package forwarding service allows you to easily purchase and ship items to our U.S. mailbox address before shipping them to you internationally. You can store your packages in our mailboxes, have them consolidated free, and ship them to any local or international address using our vast network of couriers like FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS. stands a step above the competitors due to its free package consolidation, lucrative storage space, and a ton of other free features. This allows you to easily wait for your packages to be consolidated into one and save 30 to 60% off shipping rates.

Our forwarding service can be used easily by American Expats overseas, international shoppers, students, RV owners, business owners, and anyone looking for a convenient package forwarding solution!

American Expats Mail Forwarder

Mailbox Rental: Best Bank For Your Buck! provides great value for your money when shopping and shipping overseas. We offer free package storage for up to 60 days. You will receive instant notifications via email for all new packages received and you can view the list of packages from within your account. You can also consolidate your packages into a single package for lower shipping fees when forwarding to your domestic or international address.

Use our cost-effectiveness and prenegotiated discounted rates by choosing from multiple shipping carriers like DHL, USPS, UPS, and FedEx.

How we save you money? 

  • We can easily trim 30 to 60% off your DHL and FedEx International shipping rates by consolidating packages into one large box.
  • Using a local address for package delivery instead of an international address means you’re no longer restricted to the online merchant’s shipping restrictions like only being able to use certain couriers.
  • Digital Mail Scanning can help you eliminate postage fees when you can view your mail in digital PDF format.
  • Duty Taxes are determined by the value you provide us.
  • Signing up for a U.S. street address costs less than $20 per month, this includes up to 60 days of free storage for all your packages, giving you time to consolidate and find the best shipping rate available.

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