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If you are running an international business, then your business may need a Business Mailbox in America. Businesses around the world use Business Mailboxes for their correspondence because it is not very common to use Business Mailboxes as official offices.

If you choose the Business Mailbox Plan, all of your international mail will be forwarded to your home address. The packages that arrive at our Business Mailbox in America will be scanned and sent to you by email (up to 5 Mb per email). You can also request to have them delivered by express courier or collected at our Business Address in Massachusetts. If you select the Standard™ option, we keep one copy of letters and parcels only for 30 days before they are destroyed; this is useful if you want to keep a copy of your business communications and do not want to receive large packages.

Rent Business Mailbox In America

Here are the reasons why your international business should create Business Mailbox in America:

  • Businesses in the USA, Canada, and China can use the Business Address option to forward their mail to any other country.
  • Business Mailboxes in America offer the highest quality address for correspondence, invoices, and legal documents such as certificates of incorporation or annual reports. It is also great for people who require a physical office address when selling online or when using eBay or PayPal Business accounts.
  • You can add multiple addresses (Business Mailbox in America and/or PO Boxes) under one account and manage them all from one location. They will be displayed separately on your Business Address listing but can be grouped together for management purposes.
  • Business Mailbox in America services offers the greatest flexibility and value for money, including the Business Address Preferred option that forwards mail to an international address. By adding this service to the Business Address package, you get a virtual office solution anywhere in the world.
  • One USA Business Mailbox is included with every Business Mailbox Subscription while additional Business Mailboxes are available at discounted prices. If you need more than one Business mailbox in the USA, we also provide discounts on multiple Business Mailboxes.
  • You can create and manage all of your American business addresses online from any location using our user-friendly Web interface. All changes made via our website can take up to 24 hours to become effective.
  • The Business Mailbox in America packages are very flexible and our support team can assist you with any additional changes that you might need. We offer discounts for long-term customers who sign up for multiple services, including Business Addresses, Post Office Boxes, Call Forwarding, or Phone Answering service.
  • If you run a local business, then Business Mailbox in America is a great alternative to brick-and-mortar shops or traditional physical offices – with our support team at your disposal, you will never have to worry about anything again. In case of any problems with Business Mailbox in America, we immediately attend to them ourselves ensuring that your Business Mailboxes do not miss out on any important mail.
  • Business Mailbox in America is also great for Businesses with online sales, eBay Business Accounts, or PayPal Business accounts which require a corporate address to use. Creating Business Mailboxes in the USA makes it possible to have different addresses for different purposes and services while having them all managed under one account. Your website visitors can easily find your Business Address on our Business Address Search page.
  • Business Addresses are accepted by all major couriers including FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS, and many others who deliver your packages to us. We forward them to you immediately after receiving the mail via email notification.
  • If you are looking for Best Virtual Offices, Maymailforwarder.com is a great Business Address for your Business. Business Mailbox in the USA offers all the benefits of a Business office address, such as the Business Mail Box option with additional flexibility and value for money which no Business Office can compete with.

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