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What Our Customers Have To Say..

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"I am happy to let you know that my last DHL package arrived, all my electronics arrived safely because of the professional packaging. I am happy to recommend your services to all my friends in Saudi Arabia"

Ahmed Karmassi

Saudi Arabia

"I am an American Expat that is still using your service and I want to compliment you on the level of security may mail and packages are receiving at your place. For over 5 years, all my mail is accounted for and never lost"

Kuri Lankowski


"My shopping on Amazon and eBay would not be the same without you guys! I am impressed that you were to cut my DHL shipping cost by more than 40% when I compare it with other mail forwarders"

Samir Motawakil


"By far the best service for American Expats In Argentina. This company makes my life easier. They ship all my Amazon goods monthly via FedEx and I couldn't be any happier with their professional staff."

David Andres


"If you love shoes like me, you need a package forwarder and Post redirect like this one! Best FedEx Rates to Australia"

Becca Thomson


"Best mail forwarder for Vietnam and Asia. They have the best DHL rates for forwarding my Apple Computer and watch. "

Yin Ha


"I live in Brazil and have a business, this mailbox address was perfect to register my Corporation in America without traveling"

Miguel Lamas


"having a US Mailbox address was critical to my business. was the service I needed to succeed in the fulfillment business"

Sam Abido

United Kingdom

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