Newly Negotiated Shipping Rates with DHL and FedEx Allowing My Mail Forwarder to Reduce Shipping Costs for Customers

US’s leading U.S mail and freight forwarders boldly announce newly negotiated International shipping rates together with DHL and FedEx in order to significantly reduce the mail forwarding postage costs for their esteemed customers. With the costs for shipping being quite expensive, especially if it’s international, these new shipping rates are definitely good news for the customers of My Mail Forwarder and US Freight Forwarder.

Both My Mail Forwarder and US Freight Forwarder are subsidiary companies of Biz International, Corp. These companies are both premier when it comes to value-added services in the field of mail forwarding and shipping. Globally recognized for providing unparalleled convenience, their services finally take a much-awaited leap with these newly negotiated shipping rates.

The new shipping rates definitely will make for a new way that consumers and businesses are able to save money and time when it comes to shipping and mail. With the partnership with DHL and FedEx, both internationally recognized shipping companies, it is expected that things will become better for consumers and businesses using package/mail forwarding solutions.

This way, there are more people who can take advantage of the wide array of services offered by My Mail Forwarding and US Freight Forwarder. Whether it is domestic or international, these companies can now offer express delivery, logistics, warehousing, documents management, freight forwarding and whole other services in a reduced shipping cost.scan US Mail Service

This is all as thanks to the esteemed customers of both My Mail Forwarding and US Freight Forwarder. As dedicated logistics company servicing many people throughout the world, the new shipping rates is such a great help they for their customers to have. Apart from that, the esteemed customers of both companies can expect that the service each company provides is geared to their satisfaction.

It is because the companies’ foundation is their people and their consumers. In their belief, it is also the key to their success which is exactly what has kept them in the right track all these years. That being the case, they make sure to further improve their shipping services and customer service. and are companies that make it easy and convenient to ship items all over the world. Both are secured and technologically-advanced logistics companies geared to help customers and businesses internationally to gain access in the US marketplace and assist in global trade. For that, these companies continue to improve the value of the services they provide for their worldwide clients in all fields of industry.

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