has been providing U.S Mail and Freight forwarding services for decades. Our wide service portfolio is based on genuine US mailbox address that opens the world to you! We have been providing international clients with virtual Mailbox addresses to establish a presence, and conduct their business in the United States Of America without the extra overhead cost and expenses associated with real estate.

Our Services include a choice of Personal or Business Mailbox Plan, US Virtual Office with a robust package that includes: Digital Mail Scanning, access to US Phone and Fax Lines. In addition to exclusive access to our concierge service that will help you acquire anything your heart desires.


We are the ultimate U.S Mail Forwarder

Our Mail Forwarding Services Portfolio is loaded with awesome features: Premium freight forwarding services, unlimited storage, free consolidation & much more!
I used your services in 2007 and I returned to you because lost my shipment. I was very happy with you and I am glad that the service did not change. My Amazon shipments are delivered to me in great shape and DHL was great. God bless you
Amina Moumen Saudi Arabia
Salam Alikum. I saw some review online and I wanted to share my experience with you. I forward my bank statement and US mail to Kuwait every month but when I learned about your digital mail. I signed up right away and now I receive my statements and USPS mail in my email account without waiting for my post office. This is great invention and people should know about this feature from your company
Mounir Kuri, Kuwait
  • Affordable Rates
  • Free Consolidation Service
  • Free Email Notification upon Delivery
  • Money Back Guarantee