Project Description has been providing U.S Mail and Freight forwarding service for decades. Our wide service portfolio is based on genuine US mailbox address that opens the world to you!

Our Easy and Fast Application will get you started in no time, simply add the service you want to your cart, send us two photo IDs and your U.S Mailbox address will be assigned in 24 Hrs or less. Our Address is approved by the US Post Office and accepted at over 4 Million US and International Online retailers. Use the address to receive your bank statements, IRS notices, Amazon packages or simply impress your clients with your company Address in the United States. We have wide selection of US Post Redirecting services to chose form, to get started, click here

Thank you for helping me get my Mustang fixed last month, the container arrived safely, the transmission and engine were in good shape and my car now is fixed. My other freight forwarder wanted to charge us $1500 more than your rate but I was glad I spoke to Hanson from your office he had all the answers for me. Bottom line, you delivered everything you promised me, so Merci
Marie Francoise, Mouroux France
I lost two Apple iPads with my last forwarder, it is hard to find a trustworthy company. My friend recommended you, first I thought you were expensive but I now realize that quality has a price. My iPads and my new MacBook Pro arrived safely by DHL. The packaging was very well done. I am glad I found you.
Mohamed R Ali, United Arab Emirates

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Our service portfolio is loaded with services you need to manage your mail from anywhere in the world. We listed to our clients and we use the feedback to develop the best mail forwarding plan for your dollar. We have created a digital mail scanning service that will have your snail-mail delivered to you almost instantly via email.

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