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    Why should I avoid a PO Box and get a Private Mailbox with an actual street address?

    Post Office Mailboxes served their purpose in the past. Most consumers and businesses evolved over time and demanded more from their PO Boxes. Online scammers also raised the alerts and the stigma of using a PO Box address to hide their identity and evade the law.

    Post Office Box Restrictions:

    • Private Carriers like FedEx, UPS and DHL cannot deliver to PO Boxes.
    • PO Box can not receive or sign for packages.
    • Very limited space storage.
    • No email Notifications.
    • No Consolidation service.
    • Nobody to talk to resolve immediate issues.
    • Cost about the same as Private Mailboxes.
    • Cookie Cutter, one size fits all approach.

    The Ideal Mail Forwarding Solution

    myMailForwarder.com has been serving clients worldwide as the ideal U.S Mail Forwarder. With over 20 years of combined experience, our staff has developed Mail and Freight Forwarding plans to suit our customer’s needs. We know how important your mail and valuable shipments are to you and we treat them like our own. So, why bother with an old PO Box concept when you can use a 21st-century concept of having your Mailbox work for you instead!

    Private Mailbox Address Features

    • A Genuine U.S Street Address accepted at over 4 Million Online retailers.
    • Accepts Mail and Packages from Private Carriers.
    • Free Email Notification service when packages are delivered to your mailbox.
    • Free Consolidation service.
    • Free secure storage.
    • U.S Mail Scanning Service (Additional Fee Applies)
    • Discounted International Shipping Rates.
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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