If you are within the US territory and constantly sending and receiving packages from Canada, you should try to apply for the US Mailbox. Your issues regarding the delayed packages, losing items and high rates will no longer be your problem. Once you choose US Mailbox forwarding, you will be given several benefits. Unlike the other forwarding company, here they will treat you just the exact way on how you want them to treat you.

U.S Mail Forwarding To Canada

By applying for US mailbox, the company will create a unique US Street address which you can use as your credit card billing address and utilize it to make online purchases from over 4 Million retailers. Moreover, this will allow you to purchase any kind of items online such as on Amazon, eBay, or others. Therefore, there is no need for you to shop it personally and bring it home. As long as you had already chosen your item, the personal shopper staff will handle the payment and the item will just be delivered on your doorsteps. This kind of service really provides a lot of convenience to the clients especially if you busy on your work. You can also request to ship the items you purchase to your love ones anywhere in Canada.

There are instances in which shoppers experience difficulty on finding items that they want to purchase, in this situation, the company can be a a great help for you. They offer Concierge service wherein the shopper assistant will carry the problem of looking for the things you need. They know the best shopping centers online that’s why you they will give you the assurance that you will have your item at your doorsteps in time. there are some cases also the clients can’t bid for the item they want because of their location but through the experienced and knowledge personal shopper assistant of the company on dealing with this, you can be sure that you will get your item.

The company now has their US mail Forwarding to anywhere in Canada. With the wide areas covered, in time, you will then be given the chance to apply for your own US mailbox since the company is expanding very fast. With the convenience that they offer, you should not have a doubt in getting their service. You will have your mind at ease because any transactions can be monitored online. You will receive notifications once there is an email for your or even a package.

In terms of the shopping transactions, you will receive an invoice once you already have the item you want. Rest assured that the cost of the item and the commission the personal shopper attendant will not bring you a burden. It is quite affordable since the company wants to give the best service that you need. The most important about this US mailbox is that you can save time, money, and effort. Your privacy remains so you will not be worrying that someone might use your identity numbers for illegal transactions. For more details with regards to the application for the US Mailbox, you can just check the website mymailforwarder.com

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