In many cases, after you receive mail in your mailbox your personal data is typically a part of what is sent. This is never a good state of affairs as most mailboxes used by homeowners are simply broken into. This is a great opportunity for identity thieves, as several folks don’t even contemplate our mailboxes once we assume concerning home and private security. Each day we receive U.S mail that can easily access the mail and steal your information.There are plenty of mailbox styles, however many of them have been around for over fifty years and can not stop anyone from gaining access to our mail. After all, with some mailboxes, all an identity thief has to do is simply reach within the mailbox and pull out the mail. All these boxes do is to receive our mail, but they do not protect it in any way.

Keeping Your U.S Mail Safe & Secure

As owners, several people don’t even suppose regarding how we tend to are providing the right Christmas gift for identity thieves. We take our mail out of the mailbox and return inside our homes, unaware that an identity thief only wants a number of pieces of our mail to steal our personal information. They can use it to apply for Credit and charge up credit cards to amounts we cannot afford and then we find ourselves accountable for wrecking our credit. You must take out your mail from the mailbox as soon as it arrives. If no one is available to take the mail, then consider installing a padlock on it.

You can also rent a post office box from your native post office or you can use a personal mailbox service. Each provides a secure delivery system. It has a minimum cost for rental fees.visit:- you opt to replace your mailbox you should opt for one that’s made from solid steel. Make sure that the top part of the mailbox is definitely accessible by the mailman therefore that he will place the mail inside the box while not much trouble. The section of the mailbox that you’ll use to access the mail should be of such that a key’s required to open it.

This will protect you from having your mail stolen and by extension identity theft. Mailboxes made of steel are just about impossible to urge into and will open easily when you use your key for access. It is important that you install your mailbox properly and keep it in good working condition.

Tips To Secure Your Mail

  • The mailbox should be installed in a well-lit area and have a lock if possible.
  • Never leave your mail in the mailbox for a long time.
  • When on vacation, notify the Post Office to hold your mail.
  • Develop a security network around your mailbox, neighbors are your best eyes!
  • Point your outdoor camera toward the location of your mailbox.
  • Always shred your old mail.
  • Timely notification to the Post Office when you move.
  • Sign Up for Mail Notification