Here is a step by step guide to completing USPS Form 1583 to activate your private mailbox and receive US Mail

USPS Form 1583 Instructions

  1. Date – Today’s date.
  2. Name in which applicant’s mail will be received for delivery to agent – Your name or the name of your business. If an account will be used by multiple people, each person needs to complete a separate form 1583. If both spouses will be receiving mail, you may enter both of your names on the same form, but you will need to provide two forms of identification each for section 8. Minor children do not have to complete a separate form or provide identification, but must be listed, along with their ages, under section 12 if they will be receiving mail. Additional fee applies.
  3. Address to be used for delivery – Fill in your 5-digit box number that was sent to you in your welcome email.
  4. Applicant authorizes delivery to and in care of – Our address; no changes necessary.
  5. This authorization is extended to include restricted delivery mail for the undersigned(s) – Restricted delivery is mail only you can sign for. Put down the names of anyone on the account who we may sign for. Restricted delivery mail is rarely used, and this item is optional, so if you don’t want us to receive restricted delivery for you, leave it blank and any restricted delivery items will be returned to sender.
  6. Name of applicant – Your name. If the applicant is a business, put down the name of the owner of officer who will be signing the form. You can provide a business name under item 9. Spouses may enter both names on this line.
  7. Applicant home address – Your home address and phone number. This must be a physical address, not a PO Box, and must be your actual place of residence. If your home address does not match the address on your two forms of identification provided for section 8, you will need to send proof of where you live, which could be a copy of a utility bill, bank statement, rental agreement, voter registration, etc. If you don’t know your Zip + 4, just enter your 5-digit zip code. If you live in a motor home or on a boat identify your place of residence by using the make, model, license plate number and state of registration of the motor home or boat.
  8. Two types of identification – Each person receiving mail at this address must provide two forms of acceptable identification, one of which should be a picture ID. For international customers, any official ID will work, even if it is not issued in the U.S. or written in English. You must take a photocopy of each piece of identification and mail the copies to us along with form 1583. Additionally, you must write in identifying information for both pieces in section 8, which would include the type of identification (i.e. Passport) and the number on the identification card. For example, if one piece of identification is a Massachusetts driver’s license with the number S123456789123, you would write in section 8a, “Driver’s License, State of Massachusetts, S123456789123.” Social Security cards, credit cards, and birth certificates are not accepted.

Acceptable forms of identification include:

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Voter registration card
  • Vehicle registration card
  • Current lease
  • Current mortgage
  • Current deed of trust
  • Home insurance policy
  • Vehicle insurance policy
  • Valid state non-driver’s identification card
  • Alien registration card
  • Certificate of naturalization
  • Armed forces ID
  • Government issued ID
  • University ID card

9. Name of firm or corporation – If you operate a business that will be receiving mail at this address, enter the name. Even if your business is not a registered corporation, you can still enter a DBA (doing business as) name.

10. Business address – Your physical business address, which may or may not be the same as your home address. If you don’t know your Zip + 4, just enter your 5-digit zip code.

11. Type of business – The general industry or category your business most closely matches.

12. If applicant is a firm, name each member whose mail is to be delivered – If your
business has multiple officers or employees who will be receiving mail at this address, or if it has multiple DBA (doing business as) names, enter them here. Employees do not need to fill out a separate form 1583.

13. If a corporation, give names and addresses of its officers – If your business is officially registered with the state, you must gives the names, titles, and addresses of its officers.

14. If your business name has been registered, give name of county and state, and date of registration – Only fill this out if your business is officially registered with the state (corporations, partnerships, and LLCs) and not simply a DBA or sole proprietorship.

15. Signature of Agent/Notary Public – You must take this form to a notary public and sign it in front of them, and they will sign in this box after verifying your identity. Notary publics can usually be found in banks or at larger post offices. Please note that this field is not optional – according to USPS regulations, forms will not be accepted without a notary signature.

16. Signature of applicant – Remember, you must wait to sign the form until you are in the presence of a notary public. International clients can have us notarize the documents by sending us two government issued photo ids via email.