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How Will I Know When My Package Is Delivered?2016-10-14T19:35:37+00:00

Depending on your subscription, you can access our Mailbox Management on the Cloud or receive email notifications upon packages and mail delivery to your mailbox.

Business Mailbox Subscribers

  • They will receive access to our Mailbox Management system to see the inventory of their Mailbox contents. Then they can decide how to handle their mail. Next to every item, there is a drop down action choice: Scan, Forward, Destroy or Hold.
  • Mailboxes Address can use the Suite Number in Lieu of PMB for additional exposure.
  • Images can be taken of contents and packages upon request. (*) Additional fee may apply.

Personal Mailbox Subscribers

  • Email notifications are usually through email alerts. We will disclose senders and any tracking details.
  • Subscribers can reply to the email with actions they wish to take.
How To Complete Form 15832016-05-12T22:33:55+00:00

How To Complete USPS Form 1583?

This service agreement is required for all US Post Office Mailbox applicants looking to receive mail from the USPS. It is not required if you plan on receiving packages and letters from independant carriers like: FedEx, DHL, Aramex and others.

For an explanation of how to complete the forn, please click here

How Can I get USPS Form 1583 to you?2016-05-14T19:26:53+00:00

You may email, fax or mail the USPS Form 1583 back to us to finish activating your mailbox. If you choose to submit Form 1583 via email or fax, please put your PMB / Suite number in the subject of the email, or on the cover page of the fax. Please note that even if you submit your forms electronically, you must still mail a completed and notarized copy of USPS Form 1583 plus copies of two forms of identification to our security team.

Form 1583 Can Be sent to:

Neighborhood Parcel
Mail Forwarding Division
262 Middlesex St
Lowell MA 01852
United States Of America
Fax: (978)851-0531
What is Dimensional Weight?2015-01-04T14:36:57+00:00

All international carriers like FedEx, DHL, UPS and TNT base their shipping rates on the greater of Actual Weight and Dimensional Weight to maximize their bottom line and bill for space used in the aircraft. If you ship a large box but the weigh is only one pound, then you are expected to be billed for the equivalent weight matching the space you are taking in the cargo area.

Actual Weight is the weight of the package when put on a scale. Dimensional Weight is based on the size of the package. Large items that have a low Actual Weight relative to their size– like pillows and lamp shades, will result in a larger Dimensional Weight. Some people refer to this as “volumetric weight.”

Dimensional Weight is calculated by multiplying the dimensions of the item: Length multiplied by Width multiplied by Height, then dividing that total by the “DIM Factor.” The industry standard DIM Factor is 139. So, the formula is:

Dimensional Weight (chargeable pounds)  = Length x Width x Height (inches) / 139


You ship 1 Lbs fishing rod that is packaged in a box of 60″ x 5″ x 5″, you will not be billed for 1 Lbs of weigh but the Dimensional weight: (60 x 5 x 5) / 139 = 10.79 rounded to 11 Lbs. That is why we suggest taking advantage of our free consolidation service so you can save more and offset these surcharges, so this box that contain a fishing rod can be opened and we can add items like a watch, an iPhone, shirts, clothing items so when you are billed for 11 Lbs, you are actually receiving your money’s worth.

How Do I Use My New U.S Address?2016-08-14T13:33:04+00:00

Enter your MyUSmailforwarder.com U.S address as the “Shipping Address” as shown below, whenever you buy from any online retailer:

Name: Your Full Name

Address (line 1): 1215 Main St
Address (line 2): PMB XXX-XXX (enter your PMB or suite number here)
City: Tewksbury
State: Massachusetts or MA
Zip Code/Postal Code: 01876

To find your suite or PMB number, log in to your account and it will be in the order confirmation page.

Where Do I download Mailbox Application Documents?2016-10-14T19:35:37+00:00

Where Do I send My Mailbox Application Documents? Where to download USPS Mailbox Application and Form 1583 to facilitate your Application. Here you can download The service Agreement and USPS Form 1583 in PDF format. Your Mailbox Application Forms can be emailed to our Security Department, or Faxed to +978.851.0531

If you have trouble, we can help you fill Form 1583 and the service agreement. We will complete the forms and return to you for final signatures. All you have to do is send payment and photo Ids
Is The Address A P.O.Box?2016-12-17T00:39:11+00:00

Our Mailboxes have a genuine U.S address that is approved by the US Post Office. It is not a Post Office Box address. You have your own US address followed by PMB number (Private Mailbox Number). Our Business Accounts can use Suite Or Unit Numbers allowing them to open Bank Accounts, Receive Government communications,  make purchases over 4 Million retailers and showcase the address on Google Maps.

Sample Mailbox Address

Sample Mailbox Address: 1215 Main St. Tewksbury, MA 01876 United States Of America

Get Your U.S Address Today

Our U.S Mailbox Address Opens Endless Possibilities
Create US Bank Account, Establish US corporations, Shop Over 4 Million Retailers or Simply Forward Your Mail to over 220 World Destinations