Have your U.S postal mail delivered online, your documents stored securely, forever Accessible whenever and wherever you need them.  If you are traveling or simply an Expat for extended time period. Our Digital Mail Scanning service offers a unique temporary Mailbox Service to US and international clients. Our service utilizes US Post Office Mailbox to redirect customers’ mail to myusmailforwarder.com in Boston, MA. This service allows customers to have their mail scanned and delivered securely to their inbox.

Our Mail scanning solution is an innovative yet simple way to digitize your paper-based US Mail and store them securely online. Mail sent to your assigned  Mailbox address is collected, scanned and converted into a PDF digital document. Un-scannable items such as magazines and parcels are re-routed and delivered to your desired physical address upon request. The digital version of your mail is accessible online via email anywhere in the world.

Digital Mail Plan Requires An Active Mailbox Subscription. This is a supplemental Plan

Digital Mail scanning solution enables faster access to information, improved business processes and enhanced customer service and can be customized to automate common documents such as forms and applications. The solution reduces the cost of postage, handling the high volume of paper-based mail handled every day.

Mail Scanning Features

The solution has been delivered to customers worldwide and our customers have realized the following benefits:

  • Accessible anywhere your have internet access.
  • Instant access to Bills, statement and US Mail
  • Reduce Postage Cost
  • No hardware or software to buy



Goodbye Snail Mail

Say Hello to Digital Mail Delivery service
Have your mail delivered instantly, no stamps to lick, goodbye Snail Mail