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U.S Virtual Mailbox For Your Business, your company deserves a luxury US Street address to impress your clients or receive your returns. Our Business Mailbox will allow you to do business in America with ease and can save you up to 60% Off International Mail forwarding

Better Alternative to U.S PO Box Address

P.O Box served their purpose in the old days where Street addresses were not as accurate and Postal mail delivery was not available in rural areas. Residents and businesses would drive to their nearest P.O Box to collect their daily mail and send bill payment and any family mail.

The Introduction of Our International Shipping Calculator announces the introduction of their shipping calculator to help Mail Forwarding customer figure out the FedEx, DHL, TNT and US Post Office rates ahead of time. is considered as the top global provider of international mail forwarding, transportation solutions and package forwarding. The company was established in the year 2006 and they are recognized as Boston based international shipping company. to Reduce Shipping Costs for Customers

US’s leading U.S mail and freight forwarders boldly announce newly negotiated International shipping rates together with DHL and FedEx in order to significantly reduce the mail forwarding postage costs for their esteemed customers. With the costs for shipping being quite expensive, especially if it’s international, these new shipping rates are definitely good news for the customers of My Mail Forwarder and US Freight Forwarder.

Grand Opening of Our Mail Forwarding Division in Boston, MA

My Mail Forwarder is the top global provider of international package, mail forwarding and transportation solutions. They are established as a Boston based international shipping company that rapidly evolved into a convenient global brand due to the customized shipping and mail forwarding services they offer.

Mail Forwarding service to Canada

By applying for US mailbox, the company will create a unique US Home address which you can use as your credit card billing address and utilize it to make online purchases from over 4 Million retailers. Moreover, this will allow you to purchase any kind of items online such as on Amazon, eBay, or others. Therefore, there is no need for you to shop it personally and bring it home. As long as you had already chosen your item, the personal shopper staff will handle the payment and the item will just be delivered on your doorsteps.