A Better U.S Mailbox

P.O Box served their purpose in the old days where Street addresses were not as accurate and Postal mail delivery was not available in rural areas. Residents and businesses would drive to their nearest P.O Box to collect their daily mail and send bill payment and any family mail. These mailboxes were part of the daily lives of Millions of Americans.  But soon became a thing of the past because of the many inconveniences they presented for the Baby boomers:

  • Having To Drive To Post Office To Collect and send Mail.
  • Private Carriers Like FedEx, DHL and UPS could not deliver to P.O Boxes.
  • Online Retailers Often Frown On shipping to P.O Box Addresses.

Post Office Mailboxes Are A Thing Of The Past!

The private sector has the answer to all the restrictions that were facing the industry of Mail and Package forwarding service. What the Post Office could not do, soon became a routine service for the many U.S Mailbox rental services and the Private Mail Forwarders. The Private Mailbox Address (PMB) became the new norm and a fast replacement of the old PO.Box addresses. You can have your U.S mail delivered to these PMB addresses without using a P.O.Box address, they carried their own US street address and accepted mail and packages from anywhere in the world through the Post Office and Private Carriers like FedEx, DHL, UPS, and Amazon.

Recently, the Private Mailbox Businesses started to deliver U.S Mail into a digital format making reading mail an instant phenomenon. You can have your U.S Mail opened scanned and delivered to your Email account almost instantly and without spending money on postage or tracking the Mailman!

What Can Private Mailbox (PMB) Do For You

Private Mailboxes are very popular these days, for both Expats, International Businesses, and Consumers. How do you like to get your own American Street Address without setting foot in America? No Airplanes to take, no Immigration Application and No living expenses? Use the address to shop Amazon, Shop eBay and Shop Apple Stores or to register your Massachusetts Corporation! An Authentic U.S address for all your shopping and business needs.

  • Access to Over 4 Million Retailers
  • Free Storage And Consolidation Services
  • Discounted International Shipping Rates
  • Digital Mail Scanning Into PDF Format
  • Secure Concierge Service
  • Affordable Mailbox Rental Rates from $19.95 / Month

Mymailforwarder.com has been serving clients from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Lebanon to Russia, Ukraine, Romania, France, Germany, Sweden, Vietnam, China, Japan, Australia and Africa. Having the fastest delivery times to MiddleEast, Asia, and Europe via a robust network of Air and Ocean Cargo carriers. We make mail and freight forwarding simple and affordable.

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