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If You Plan On Using US Post Office to receive Mail,then you must complete Form 1583 and our Service Agreement and send them back to us.

Mailbox Activation

US P.O Box Activation
This is the final step, after you pay for service and submit IDs, the application will be verified and your mailbox can be active in as early as 24 Hrs.

How To Apply For U.S P.O Box Address

Form USPS 1583 and Service Agreement are only required if you plan on using the U.S Post Office to receive your mail and packages. If you are receiving FedEx, UPS letters and packages, there is no need to complete the form

US Mail Forwarding never been so Easy, three easy steps to get your own Dedicated US Mailing address, our US Mailbox Street Address is ideal to receive all US purchases, consolidate them and ship to your destination of choice. Great for International Businesses and Consumers that want access to over 5 Million US retailers like eBay, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, BestBuy and many more… The process to create your own US Mailbox includes the following three Easy Steps

  • Complete Registration, Payment, and the application Forms: Service Agreement and USPS 1583 Please note that for 1583 MUST be Notarized and only required if you plan on receiving US Post Office Mail. Otherwise, simply make payment, submit two photo IDs for validation of the account.
  • Fax the forms (Service Agreement + Form 1583) or email them to our security team for validation along with 2 photos ID’s. Our secure fax line is +(978) 851-0531
  • Upon Verification, validation of your documents and receipt of full payment; we will issue you a dedicated US Mailbox Address. The US address is based on Approved US Post Office Mailbox that is genuine and exclusively dedicated to you
How Do I Apply For US Mailbox

Frequently Asked Questions

All our U.S Mailboxes will carry a genuine Street Address based in Massachusetts. Your Address sample is below, the second line is very important and must be posted on all mail and packages to avoid lost mail:
1215 Main St
PMB AB-123
Tewksbury MA 01876
United States
PMB stands for Private Mailbox and that helps the US Post Office route your mail accordingly. Our Business Mailboxes are allowed to use Suite Numbers in lieu of PMB. This will allow businesses to showcase a professional address to their customers.
We have a great way for you to manage the contents of your mailbox remotely via A Cloud-based system that will allow you to view the list of items in your mailbox and you can select to: Hold, forward, Scan (Digital Mail scanning service required) or destroy. Once mail arrives in your mailbox, our system will generate an email notification showing origin of the shipment and any relevant tracking details.
We can forward your mail and packages upon request, we will provide you with a shipping quotation via FedEx, DHL, UPS and US Post Office. Once you decide on what option you prefer, we will invoice you and ship upon payment.
Form 1583 Can be intimidating but using our step by step guide will help you complete it fast. Simply click on the this Link to the Form 1583 Guide for details.

You can always ask us to pre-fill the form for you and return it for signatures, you will need to attach two photo Ids in no notary is available in your area.

To Add another family member to your mailbox, you need to have them complete form 1583 and send it to us along with two photo ids and a $25 /Application fee (Billable via PayPal). Your family member can use your mailbox address as soon as we complete registration with the US Post Office.
No, our address is a genuine U.S Address and not a P.O.Box. It is approved by the US Post Office and can be accepted at all major retailers, US banks and government offices.
Consolidation is a great way to save up to 60% off your International shipping charges. Instead of paying for shipping of every box, you pay to ship one larger box and save. Example:

If you are shipping 5 Boxes of shoes and 5 boxes or watches; you will save a lot of money buy putting all the boxes into one larger box after removing all un-needed packaging so you can save on weight, size and accessorial fees.

Our Concierge service will place your order face to face at the nearest Apple and Microsoft Stores. Same applies for any major retailer like Macys, Kohls, Walmart, Bestbuy and many more
You can use our shipping calculator to learn about our aggressive rates. Restrictions may apply.
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